North Carolina Conservative Judges North Carolina Conservative Judges

North Carolina needs conservative judges.

Judicial races are more important than ever. Democrats have a 6-1 majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court.  That’s six judicial activists and only one conservative protecting your constitutional rights. 

But you can change all that in November. Voters have the opportunity to bring balance to the North Carolina Supreme Court by electing three common sense, conservative justices to the State’s highest court.

In addition, we have an opportunity to bring back a conservative majority on the North Carolina Court of Appeals with five seats on the ballot. We must win these seats.

Fortunately, we have eight strong, constitutional conservatives running for these seats. And, they all need your help if you want to uphold the rule of law for all North Carolinians. 

That’s why North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley created the Judicial Victory Fund to help raise the resources we need to support our statewide conservative judicial candidates and win these crucial judicial races. 

We hope you will join us in supporting these eight Conservative, Constitutional, Common Sense Judicial Candidates.